The Public Conversations: Workshops & Film Nights

The Public Conversations: Workshops & Film Nights

This part of the process will offer an opportunity for study group participants and the wider community to engage with ideas and creative concepts in a more structured way with a range of activities and films designed to get folk thinking and talking.


The aim of the workshops is to provide structured opportunities to explore issues through different lenses and practices.  For example one workshop might use creative practice to explore the value of organising in our community – the next might provide participants with an opportunity to explore different models of governance and decision making.

Monthly Workshops will be facilitated by experienced practitioners involving key speakers, activities and artifacts to promote discussion, the sharing of ideas and issues.

Watch this space for a full programme of workshops.

Film Nightsssa_glasgow_govan

Open to all!

Film nights do what they say on the tin. We will show a film one night a month which relates to the broader theme’s of the Action Research.  The hope is that the films will provide insight into relevant experiences from local, international, historical and contemporary perspectives.

Alongside showing the film we will provide good grub and our study group will facilitate discussion and introduce some of the ideas and issues they’ve been exploring through discussions.

Watch this space for a full programme of films.