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Most of the work on this project is about asking questions. Volunteering is about asking. What can I do here? What are my interests? What can I offer? There is nothing here carved in stone. The project is fluid, we expect ideas to come from others. For things to be reshaped to fit what we have available to us in time people and materials. All we ask people to remember is our work is about access. About helping ordinary people in recognising and strengthening the social base. In encouraging participation in community and public life by offering a variety of tools and ideas that might help to stimulate ideas for participation.


We are now based in our container workshop. So lets hear from you.

Or pop into The Learning Pod at Free Wheel North in Glasgow Green.Templeton St, Glasgow G40 1AT. We are there most days, or from 12 to 4:00 on Sundays for a meet up chat.


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We appreciate any kind of contact. We like to know folk are out there. Drop us a chat line. We promise not to sell your email to a corporation or rope you into anything unless you want to be:)