How we work

We have many projects doing good work around the community. The point is not to repeat what they do. But to support and extend their outreach. If sustainable progressive change is our goal these connections need to be understood and made. Part of our work will be about making these connections.

We have the commons, our parks, green space and cultural heritage. That part is already there

We are proposing:

Building a resource for Govan, through learning, organising, solidarity, ethics (LOSE) and
Participatory Action

A space that is directly concerned with the community as a whole. A place specifically dedicated to trying out new models of community interaction, communication, collaboration and planning

A place that recognises the commons as a spiritual and caring value system that recognises the earth as a place to enjoy not land to buy, sell and control.

A place where we can plug in ideas, share knowledge an discourse, where we can discover the connections that break down isolation and encourage community solidarity.

A place that encourages community participation in helping to inform and form the questions around community planing and community life. As opposed to being consulted on what is already planed, without community input.


: Economy of time
Most of our ideas are not about creating more work for people, but using existing work and work that has already been done. The idea of collaboration is to reduce workload and use the wider experience of the community. And since most of us do not have much spare time, we need to work on ideas to attract those in the community who do.

: Conscious Bias
This project has a commitment to represent those at the low end of the financial food chain. We will endeavour to ensure the interests of the grass roots are key and that they are not diverted by events, personalities and financial inducement, that detract from those interests.

: Outreach
Already we are talking to groups and others around the city about PAR collaborations. Basically the research carried out in one community is of use to the other and vice versa. Why not pool resources and share it. A local builders network is in the pipeline for the same reasons.

: Worry
many of the things we do not worry about are sometimes a real worry and many of the things what we do worry about are only a distraction from what should be our real concerns. Also worrying in isolation is not good for health and well being. Finding places to share concerns can lead to ideas that can help to rationalise fear and worry and transform them into creative ideas that can help to put worry into perspective. The project will work to de-isolate and encourage creative worrying.


Building a resource for Govan through Learning, Organising, Solidarity, Ethics (LOSE) and Participatory Action Research.