We will eventually add activities here as the project gets going. But at present we are looking for some collaborators and helpers.

The early stages. Getting some folk together.

So here is the thing, the CGAP does not offer a service to people, we support folk as best we can, we use our knowledge, what resources we have and the resources we know about, to encourage folk to help themselves. We have plenty ideas around this. But ideas are pretty useless without folk to carry them out, yours or ours. 

The other thing is we don’t just do stuff just for the fun of it. That is important, but there is a serious side to this work which is about challenging the status quo, the economic conditions of our communities, and building alternative models and value systems to work with, that reflect ordinary peoples needs and vision.

So it is about looking at these things to. The importance of working together, understanding the critical connections in this and how we can affect the changes we feel we need “together” So there is plenty scope for shaping ideas. But you need to get involved first!

So here are some ideas to get the ball rolling. We will be working at Kinning Park Project each Sunday throughout the summer, if folk want to check us out, talk, plan or do something, thats the place at the moment. We are happy to meet by arrangement any place else.

At the moment we can look at…

Bigger on the inside
How do you create something that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Simple illusions with mirrors. Make an infinity mirror to demonstrate this.

Embedded Hardware
Do you know about Open Source computers and the wonders of wifi. We can demonstrate the use of Open Source embedded hardware and battery powered pocket servers.

Automation in the home
We can demonstrate some home automation devices that can be purchased locally and cheaply.

Bring your da
We want to organise some “Bring your mum or your dad days”, to help explain the technological revolution to the older generation:)

Install days:
Where you can dump the expensive updating of your computer operating system and apps and replace them with free dynamic Open Source Software.

We are here to be understandable
Come along for a chat. Do not fear if you do not understand any of this we are very patient with people and talk in plain English. (Well Glaswegian actually)

Building the Mini Tardis
We will also be building a Tardis scale model to play around with ideas and plan stuff for the bigger Tardis in the summer. We need interested people and volunteers, to help in our quest for time-travel.