The Learning Pod

What more is needed than a few tools a few tables and chairs and as far away from computers and phones as you can get. The learning pod is about the learner in one workshop being the leader in another. Where you are invited to either present a workshop or take part in one. 

The Learning Pod at present consists of part of a container at Free Wheel North, bike project in Glasgow green. (We hope to include a ton of biking ideas to) We have a community rickshaw with a sound system which when fixed will be used for out reach work , our Tardis project, disseminating information and such like. 

We will encourage music, drama, drawing, photography, all of the arts, outdoor screenings and are keen to put together a news group. 

We will mix activities, social events and discussion in a summer program. We are now installing equipment and fixing the place up and are ready to put the summer program together. Drop in any time for a chat. There may be something we can do together.  

Check our facebook for updates

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