The life of a park. Part 1.

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Two events concerning the commercialisation of green space and What we can do about it


Each summer the volume of paid events occupying our parks is expanding. The disruption to ordinary park users who see the park as an escape from the chaos and consumerism of daily life. These park users see these disruptions to their enjoyment of the park as disturbing.

We will be discussing these and other park and green space issues that are also enjoyable and could help to stop the use of our parks for commercial profiteering. Speakers to be confirmed.


The workshop will be around. How to find out things about parks, greens pace, commons and how to use the “Community Empowerment Act”. The general public need to be heard in this conversation in protecting community assets. We will be looking at the various, forums, assemblies and mechanisms, that could help to enable groups as well as individuals to take part in this important dialogue.

Thursday 13 December 7:00
Kinning Park Complex. (For food 6:00)

Sunday 16 December 3:00 (Soft Drinks)
Kinning Park Complex.

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