The Vision

For folk who are interested in, wish to, or struggle to lead a creative life and who are happy to encourage and share that life with others, regardless of age creed, culture, colour, gender and life choices, that do not infringe on the freedoms of others  to do likewise.

The reasons are manifold: The disappearance of working class institutions, clubs, societies, places of learning in our communities in the here and now. The need for development of alternative value systems, that reflect peoples experiences and what they have to offer and useful in tackling oppressive, debt, rents, consumerism, addiction of all sorts, privatisation of social assets, benefit sanctions, propaganda and how we bring young people to the table in many of the aspects that have, an sometimes profound impact on their lives.


Govan: our work will extend community-wide and (hopefully) much further. The project will work with the local community to create a place-based learning process – that can also be used by other communities as a template to use and share for other projects. .


1. What you put in.

2. A collective learning process that helps folk to help themselves, and points towards things we need to know, about community, communications, environment and self development.

3. Opportunities where we can both learn and teach hands on skills as well as critical thinking

4. A space where effort and input is recognised and dedicated to building and enhancing the commons (spaces, relationships, values) for future generations

5. The chance to be involved in setting up strategies for sharing work with each other, that doesn’t have to interfere with the autonomy and sensitivity of the work of groups and individuals.