Cycling on the commons


For the last ten years Free Wheel North, a cycling charity, has taught hundreds of kids and adults to ride bikes, led thousands of rides and collected hundreds of bikes, repaired many and can conjure up bikes for any occasion, from bikes that take wheel chairs to conference bikes that take six, sitting, peddling, at a table. FWNs remit is about access and enabling all no matter what there cycling needs are. The trainers will help to get folk on to, two, three, four, or how many wheels it takes. They have a bike track on Glasgow green where kids can exhaust themselves enjoying what they should be doing.

The CGAP are supporting FWN in helping to getting bike projects into local parks

Part of the project " What Are Parks For" 

We would rather see cycling projects in our parks than commercialisation, gigs sponsored by beer companies and expensive ticketed events.

If we are to stop the use of the internal combustion engine in cars in the next 20 years, as is the target, we will need to go some and bikes are going to, and should play, a big part in that transformation.

We need open parks and healthy people. Cycling is beneficial to both the physical as well as the mental heath of the community and in many sociable ways to.

Everyone is a performer on their bike in the most magical mass self propulsion balancing act there is. You can join it, by trying and learning to ride at Free Wheel North.


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