The Study Group

We want to set up an independent study group which represents residents and organisations to explore our 3 questions through their own experience and community knowledge.

Why a study group?

We recognize that Govan is full of individuals and organizations with lots of experience and local knowledge of the themes these questions centre on. The idea behind the study group is to bring that experience and knowledge into one room and to build collective knowledge in these areas. From that point we hope that we can begin to identify actions which will support the wider community in areas where community organizing feels most necessary.

What would be involved?8280088884_a6fccc4fea

We envisage the study group meeting on a weekly basis over the course of 3 months to collectively address the questions. Half of the sessions would be group-led and would take whatever format the group feels is appropriate to foster collective learning around the questions. The other half would involve input and activities (workshops & films) which encourage exploration of the questions and themes. These would be open to all – not just the study group and would be a good opportunity to gather a range of views.

We’ve designed the program in this way because we feel that the different session formats will promote different kinds of dialogue. For us it’s important that whilst all participants learn something from the project – they also share the experience and knowledge they already hold.

At the end of the study group programme we will offer the opportunity for the study group to share their findings at a public event involving as much of the community as possible.

We are ideally looking for a commitment of 2 hours a week over the 3 months but would consider more limited participation under particular circumstances.

What can you get out of this experience?

1. Participants will gain new knowledge about their community, it’s assets (spaces and people) & about participation processes.
2. Participants will gain opportunities to develop skills in communication, community organizing and collaborative knowledge-building.
3. Participants will access opportunities to strengthen relationships with the wider community.
4. Finally, participating in the study group will offer an opportunity to play a key role in important conversations around community participation & ownership in Govan.

Who we’re looking for:

Folk with something to share: We hope that those involved will bring their own experience and knowledge of the issues as well as an openness to exploring the issues from a range of perspectives – local and global.
Folk who have a stake: We feel that this process will work best if those involved are already involved in the local Govan area in a meaningful way.
Folk who care: we hope that those involved want to see the best for the Govan community as a whole and are ready to work for positive change

If you’re interested in being on the Study Group click here to find out how you can get involved.