START 2015

cargo-bikeThe first part of the project has these aims. Starting mid January 2015

1. To set up a container in garden as a learning pod. Kit out with various tools and an events program and start to form an education policy for the project. This will be an open facility that can be booked by groups and individuals to conduct workshops and classes, and as a meeting and information space for visitors.fruit-veg

2. To set up a Participatory Action Research, project to find out what folk in the community are thinking about. What are the important issues to them and how our farmhouse project could help to deal with some of them

3. The setting up of a media group and information unit. This
will teach skillstheatre in filming, photography and interviewing skills. A cargo bike will be kitted out as a moving information float for taking around schools and projects to highlight the work of the group and encourage participation.

See: Events