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The Common Good Awareness Project

Land is not a commodity for thoes who can afford it or who “owns” it. This earth is a country, we are a sovereign nation, nobody owns it or we all own it.

Reclaiming the Commons should be part of our  hope of achieving a decent life

The commons not only in terms of the earth we walk on, the air we breath and the sky above us. But the commons of people, the commons of knowledge, the common interests that need to be acnowledged, consolidated, and shaped if we (the human population of earth) are to challenge that which is destroying any hope of that life for the majority. Or even worse the capability of nuclear destruction that will render even hope useless.

We have every right to be frightened, but every right to be hopeful if the work we do points towards expresseing a compelling story and vision that is capable of not only describing an alternative but ways of developing and organising one together in the work we are doing in the present. 

So we looked at three things

What we already have in our historical commons and public assets and how to use them.

2. How to define the critical connections between activities and issues to create the essential solidarity for the work ahead.

3. Finding vehicles for involvement (Tardis) that can be fun while nudging folk towards a better understanding of the important parts they could play if change is to succeed.