Tardis – What it might or might not look like

While we await the outcome for funding app a few of us got together and knocked up a mini Tardis. The project delay fired up some new ideas and considerations. Thinking about the practicalities of volume and scale and how best we can split the 

work up among and around the place. We have been gathering feedback from different groups and people on how the physical build could be put together in more imaginative ways rather than just a box with doors.
The visual impact is important and the recognition of what the Tardis symbolises. But the real energy is about what happens around the box.   One idea was imagining a room or hall where a (Tardis) activity was taking place. Maybe the Tardis could be the way into the hall and the hall representing the “big on the inside”idea like some of the events we have had in the past.   Lets hear some ideas for next meeting. Ya all.

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